May 4

I got in from a work trip LATE last night, and didn’t get into bed until 3:45 AM. Nutrition wise I did pretty good the day before the race. Minimal grains with dinner (croutons, a bit of bread). Overall I felt pretty well prepared for the race.

I was up at 5:30. Had coffee w/heavy cream, and headed over to pick up Mark. We loaded the bikes, then headed to the race. We got there right after 7 AM.Checked in, met up with some friends from the triathlon club, hung out in transition, stretched out a bit.
My friend Brandon wanted to pace me during run. We talked the entire time. We aimed for an 8:15 pace, and finished up around 8:11 mpm. Good, quick run. Cool headed out, warm headed back. The run was over before I knew it.
Places were pretty much cemented as soon as the gun sounded. After the first mile or so, I didn’t really pass more than a handful of people, and not many passed me for the rest of the race
Extremely frustrating T1. Got out of tri shoes fast and got ready to go. Wore my friend’s aero helmet for the first time. Didn’t practice putting it on first, and paid for it. Couldn’t get the stupid strap fastened correctly. It cost me at least 30 seconds. This transition should have been under 30 seconds.
Opted not to do flying mount. I’ve never really run before a bike and was not interested in crashing in front of people. Stepped into shoes without too much of an issue.
Great bike – I really pushed it. Although it wasn’t lightning fast, it was my fastest split yet. Got into my shoes pretty easily.
There was one guy that passed me, I passed, then he passed me again. I stayed right behind him to majority of the time.
I had a friend that caught me about 7 miles in. My goal was to keep within sight of him, which I did. Fun course.
Good T2. Passed several people. Caught back up to my friend and ran out with him. Grabbed drink on the way out.
Good 2nd run. Ran with my friend the first .25 mi, then he fell back a bit. There was a guy in front of me about 100 yds I tried to catch, but I never made any ground on him. Got pretty hot on the way back in. I took off my gloves and carried them. This was the only time I was sorry I wore sleeves.
Had a lot of fun. Great little race – especially since it’s the only multisport one in my town. I will do this every year of I can. Lots of fun.

run – 1.9 mi: 15:45
T1: 0:54
bike – 10 mi: 31:42
T2: 0:35
run – 1.9 mi: 15:36
total: 1:04:34


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