May 6

Overall I feel really good today. Go a lot of sleep last night after taking a nap after the race yesterday. I think I’m pretty much caught up from the trip.

Had a great 25 mi zone 2 ride today. I rode with a couple of friends. We didn’t push the pace at all, just talked most of the time and enjoyed the weather. That’s the 2nd furthest I have ever gone. That will change very soon. My quad tightened up a few times on the bike. I rolled it out before bed. I may move my seat back a touch to stretch me out more in my aeros. We will see.

The diet was on the loose side today . . . meaning I had wheat. We had Mexican food for lunch and dinner to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

25 mi zone 2 ride
time: 1:40:33
HR avg: 128

breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, cooked spinach and arugula
lunch: bean and rice burrito, sesame sticks
post-ride: small wheat muffin
dinner: veggie enchiladas, homemade guac and salsa, black beans, quinoa, black bean chips



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