May 9

I am frustrated with my swim this morning. Not my speed or pace, but my ineptness at counting laps. I lost count a couple of times and guessed conservatively, and when I was done my time was way slower than I thought it should be. I swam with some friends, and they said they counted at least 1350 yds . . . so that is what I am assuming I did. If that’s the case, I am ok with the swim.

It rained today, so I swapped tomorrow’s WOD with the run.

AM: swim
wu: 10:00
1350 yd: 25:14
cd: 5:00
total time: 40:14

wu: 6:41
25-20-15 x kettlebell swings, burpees
time: 11:14

post-swim: coffee, smoothie (almond milk, coconut milk, spinach, Vega, rice protein, 1/2 apple)
lunch: veggie gumbo
snack: black bean chips w/homemade salsa
dinner: Jason’s Deli salad bar (raw veggies, feta, nuts, dressing)


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