May 10

I felt like a train hit me when I woke up this morning. Like a dope, I slept in the chair in the living room until 4:15. Man, I have to get over that. My ride was pretty good. It was windy headed out but a nice tail wind on the way in. I turned around a little early so I didn’t have to jack with the dogs that lived by the prison, then made up the distance going around my neighborhood. My seat was still not great. I moved it a little too much forward and slanted down. It really worked my quads, and my toes were asleep almost the entire ride. I put it on the trainer and readjusted when I got home. Hopefully I have it squared away. I have a big ride Sunday.

I had to work through dinner in a meeting, so I had some wheat when I got home due to speed and convenience.

AM: 15.38 mi zone 2 ride
time: 1:00:33
HR avg: 133

pre-ride: coffee w/HWC
post-ride: strawberries, blackberries, vegan cream cheese
lunch: cooked veggies, black-eyed peas
snack: peanuts
dinner: whole-wheat tortilla, raw cheddar cheese, spinach, almond chips, guacamole


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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