May 12

Didn’t get a ton of sleep last night due to getting up early to give the wife her Mother’s Day gift, but felt ok. My head is stopped up again . . . it has to be diet. I was good yesterday until last night and had some fried stuff (catfish, some fries, etc.). I had a loose diet day. I am curious about how the high carbs will impact my ride today vs. doing one on mostly fat. I will aim to do my brick next weekend on mostly fat and very low carbs.

My ride today was great. Felt great, decent pace, etc. I went with a bottle of water and bottle with Nuun, and it seemed to work great. My quad was pretty tight during some of it, so I rolled it out well and iced it before bed.

35.86 mi zone 2 ride
time: 2:22:53
HR avg: 128

breakfast: grain-free banana bread, coffee
lunch: vegan BLT, polenta, a couple bites of spinach ravioli
dinner: black bean cheeseburger, black bean chips


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