June 10

I am on day 8 of a 14 day vacation. The trip to Disney was great . . . but I suspect I am heavier now than I have been in probably a year or more. I will be out of town for 6 more days, but will start to eat in a way to reduce inflammation this week. I will spend some time in the pool and running this week as well to get back into the swing of things. My bday is this weekend . . . so I suspect there will be some heavy cheating then, but starting on the 17th I will be involved in a one month “challenge” my wife is putting together, and that will begin getting me into shape to start my 70.3 training. Speaking of, I signed up for the race, so I’m officially committed. Very excited!

I may post more this week . . . but we will see.


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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