June 21

sleep time: 6:47
sleep quality: 81%

Good night’s sleep, but still had some trouble waking up. I am not getting enough sleep the last couple of nights.

I did my birthday mile TT this morning. I have said the entire year that I wanted to run a sub 7:00 mile. That is what the fast kids ran in elementary, and I was always in the 8’s. I didn’t check my watch after the half mile mark. I came in a 6:59:28. That’s about as close as I could have cut it, but I’m happy with it. I was absolutely gassed at the end of it. Nothing to brag about, but still a milestone for me.

I didn’t track calories today, but feel good about it. I had a few new potatoes tonight, which I am staying away from mostly, but am riding 25-30 in the morning so was ok with the carbs.

On a side note, I did a great interview today on my podcast with Jon of the Fit, Fat, Fast podcast. We talked about metabolic efficiency, fat adaptation, and training. Extremely helpful stuff. Listen HERE.

1 mi TTwu: 10:00
time: 6:59:28

post-run: coffee w/ HWC
lunch: leftover stir fry from lunch yesterday
dinner: roasted squash and new potatoes, peppers, cucumber, pinto beans, homemade salsa, homemade hummus
before bed: a couple bites of banana “ice cream” my wife made (vegan, no sugar)


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