June 24

sleep time: 6:16 (napped in the chair for a while before going to bed, but this is just time in bed)
sleep quality: 63%

I am down 10 pounds exactly from last week. I can definitely tell that my body is less swollen. Still a lot of visceral belly fat that needs to go, but I am starting to get there. I will probably measure my body fat at some point in the near future just to see where I am.

Sleep wise I want to keep monitoring, even when I am traveling over the next couple of weeks just to see what impacts me. I am starting to see some patterns I think, which is interesting.

According to the official rules of this challenge my wife is leading, this week is intended to continue the use of no boxed foods, eliminate sugar, and limit wheat and animal products. This is all what I have been doing, so no big changes for me. I will continue to use eggs and cream a limited amount, and will continue with no wheat or sugar. I am also going to start really paying attention to the foods I am eating that cause inflammation. The main culprit in my diet currently is peanuts. I love peanuts and raw peanut butter. I am completely removing this from my diet this week to see who I respond.

I swam this afternoon, focusing on more arm extension before going into the elbow catch. I don’t think it went too well. Just awkward and hard to get into rhythm. It could be just that I haven’t really swum distances since my last race, but who knows. I was going to go a full 1000yd to compare times, but got some neck and shoulder pain (that same stupid tendonitis)  so cut it short at 800yds and did intervals the remaining time.

wu: 10:00
800yd: 16:56
cd: 10:00

breakfast: coffee, pear, almond butter, vegan cream cheese, coconut flakes
lunch: salad (kale, spinach, radishes, onion, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, homemade vegan ranch)
mid-afternoon: coffee
dinner: portobello cap stuffed with cashew cream sauce, spinach, kale
before bed: almond butter, coconut butter, small bite of vegan cream cheese, decaf


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