July 6

In bed at 12:30, up at 7:45

I got up before everyone else this morning and was on the trainer by 8:00. I did it on the back patio overlooking the lake. It was an awesome start to the day. I listened to the Fit, Fat, Fast podcast during my ride where they talked about the difficulty of being vegan and fat-adapted/metabolically efficient. As I do every now and then, I began wondering if adding some meat back in would be good for me. The answer is no, for me, because I still don’t think I could control myself if I opened that door. Now, I am obviously not currently vegan. I eat eggs, some dairy, and some fish. I think that helps me bridge that gap between vegan and true carnivore. I then read the chapter in Fitness Confidential dealing with Vinnie getting cancer. That is something I never want to deal with, and I believe eating a plant-based diet is the biggest thing a person can do to protect themselves against it. I still think that meat, especially the meat we have in the US today, is a major contributing factor in cancer growth. I know some will disagree. That’s ok. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am not willing to exchange health for fitness. If that means I will never get under 10% body fat without meat, so be it. If that means I won’t be as metabolically efficient as I could be with meat, so bet it. Ok, enough on that tangent.

I did my swim today out in the lake . . .which was nice. It was choppy and windy, adding in some difficulty. I didn’t have yardage marked off, so I estimated and used my typical times to get the approximate distances. I also was able to work on sighting.

Due to travel tomorrow and scheduling, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get both workouts in tomorrow, so I opted to go ahead and get my run in today. It was an easy Z2 30 minute run. It was hot, but not terrible. I was frustrated though, because it was officially the slowest run of my adult life. Ugh. I don’t know if it was due to the heat, the 2 previous workouts, or something else. I am having a lot of trouble running this slow. It FEELS easier/better to run at a faster pace.

I made the mistake of not getting enough stuff at the grocery store before we came out to the lake, and given that there is barely a grocery store in the town . . . there certainly isn’t a health food store. So, I am doing the best I can while here, but that means eating some things I would normally avoid (i.e. potato salad). For dinner they cooked out burgers, and there wasn’t much else available, so I had some black eyed peas, a bite of potato salad, then ate some of the burger toppings with some cashew sauce. I also had some vegan/grain free/sugar free cookies my wife made. They are great . . . as a once in a while treat. They have agave, so still something that is rare. This trip has been fun, but I am ready to get home to my food there and a regular training schedule/location.

AM: 70 minute Z1-2 bike
estimated distance: 16.5 mi
HR avg: 110

PM: endurance swim
wu: 6 x 50 (alternating free and back) on :05 rest
100/200/300/200/100 on :10 rest (Olympic pace)
cd: wu: 6 x 50 (alternating free and back) on :05 rest
Total time: 31:45
estimated distance: 1500 yd

PM: 30 min Z2 run
distance: 2.31 mi
pace: 12:58 mpm
HR avg: 145

post-swim: coffee w/HWC
breakfast: scrambled eggs (in butter), homemade salsa, Colby cheese
lunch: smoothie – coconut milk, almond butter, coconut oil, coffee, pea protein
pre-run: vegetable bullion
dinner: lettuce, tomato, onion, cashew sauce, potato salad, black eyed peas
snack: vegan cookies (sugar/grain free)


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