July 10

sleep time: 7:42
sleep quality: 83%

I got better sleep last night. I was still really sore when I woke up. I felt good and didn’t seem too puffy despite my carb “binge” last night (really it wasn’t a binge, just more than I should have had). I had intentions of waking up early and riding before it got very hot, but I figured I could withstand a little heat for some extra sleep.

My ride was really, really good. It was around 80 degrees when I left, but not terrible with the wind. I did have some trouble with sweat in my eyes, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I really pushed it on the intervals (HR got up into the 160 range several times), and my body seemed to respond well. I’m afraid that this might be due to the carbs from last night, especially since I was hitting zone 3 pretty easily in the intervals. Overall though I feel good about it. I did have to stop for about 5 minutes in the middle to take a very exciting phone call (more on that in a minute).

My strength work was good. I did core 1 easily. I’m going to add in 2 and maybe 3 next time. Great energy all day.

My call today was from Vinnie Tortorich. I interviewed him on my podcast about his new book Fitness Confidential. It was a really great interview. Check it out HERE.

AM: bike – muscular/endurance
wu: 10:00
4 x 10′ big ring/65-75 cadence with 5′ recovery in between
cd: 10:00
total time: 1:20.00
distance: 20.64 mi
HR avg: 140
HR peak: 165

PM: strength & core 1
time: 26:21

pre-ride: coffee, EVCO
post-ride: coffee, smoothie – coconut milk, almond milk, walnuts, pea protein, flax seed, frozen cherries, blueberries, spinach, arugula
post-workout: cooked squash, onions, and zucchini, slice of watermelon
dinner: grilled peppers, cooked broccoli, cabbage salad with homemade avocado dressing
after dinner: decaf, almond butter


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