August 5

Today was a good rest day. My parents took us to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch and I gave in and had an all out cheat meal . . . crawfish nachos . . . one of my absolute favorites. I anticipate mucho inflammation, but it was a well timed cheat. I will for sure start to pull back on big and little cheats as race day gets closer. The last month will be really tuned in.

I watched Hungry for Change when I got home tonight. I have seen it before, but I slept through some of it. Knowing what I now know about NSNG, it was such a different movie. I renewed my vigor for whole foods, not sugar, etc. It served as a good reminder.

This was my heaviest training week to-date.

rest day

breakfast: coffee w/coconut milk, 1 piece of baked mochi that my kid didn’t eat
lunch: crawfish nachos
snack while driving: bean chips
dinner: veggie “casserole” – zucchini, kale, green apple, onion, coconut milk

swim: 4.26 mi = 2:55:15
bike: 73.42 mi = 5:18:35
run: 18.9 mi = 3:32:08
strength: 38:38
TOTAL: 96.58 mi = 12:43:16


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