August 17

I am glad to be home. I was initially going to go to the lakehouse last night with family, but my wife called while I was on the way (we were going to meet there), and we had 2 sick kids, so I just drove home. The boys were asleep in my bed, so I still haven’t slept in my own bed in over a week, but that’s ok. I am glad to be back at my “home gym/pool.” Something about swimming there that I just prefer.

My swim today was good. I was rushed to get to the gym in time and was afraid I wouldn’t have time to complete the entire swim before the pool closed, so I was really hurrying. I guess if there is a way to at least simulate a fraction of the adrenaline and nerves of race day this was it. It was hard to get into a good rhythm, but overall I am satisfied with the pace. It was a race pace simulation, and I would have liked a slightly faster one, but I was fairly conservative on pushing it.

I adjusted my race schedule. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to run the Monster Tri due to some scheduling. I also may have to miss the Marathoning for Miracles 1/2 marathon due to a work trip, which I’m pretty unhappy about. I may find a replacement race, but I’m not sure what that would be.

I had a work dinner at a co-worker’s house. They know I don’t eat meat, so they made eggplant parm for me, which had some breading. I obviously had to eat some since they went out of their way.

I am pretty excited about my BRICK tomorrow. It will be the longest ride I have ever done, and it will be double the miles I have ever done solo. My friend that I have been training with has to work in the morning, so it will just be me. Before bed I prepped all of my nutrition for the morning.

AM: 30 min easy bike
distance: 7.19 mi

PM: swim – race simulation (all done at race pace)
no warm up
4 x 200 on 30″ (all between 3:28 – 3:38)
500 (9:07)
rest 1:00
6 x 200 on 30″ (all between 3:32 – 3:41)
cd: 100
total distance: 2600 yd
total time: 52:53

breakfast: coffee, tbsp almond butter
lunch: arugula, homemade black bean burger, goat cheese, chickpea salad, vegan mayo
post-swim: 4 strawberries, coffee w/HWC
dinner: eggplant parmesan, salaed (romaine, tomato, avocado), caprese salad, cheese, artichoke dip, broccoli, celery, carrots
after dinner: a few blue corn chips


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