August 25

I had a good run this morning. I went with a friend and his brother in law, who is a fast runner. We pushed the pace a bit, and it felt good. It feels good every now and then to run fast and see what I have. I am still not near as fast as I was last year training for the marathon, but I feel I am in much better shape and at a higher level of fitness now. For the run, we did a 10 min warmup then ran at LT for 30 minutes. My HR for those 30 min averaged 157, which is 7 beats lower than my LT, and we still moved at an 8:37 mpm pace, which is 30 seconds faster than when I measured my LT in January. Definite improvements have been made over the last few months. We ended up walking the last 5 minutes of the cool-down, but even still, we averaged 9:20 mpm for the workout. I am very happy with that.

My bike ride was really, really flat. I dreaded it all day. I told my wife that I have close-to-crippling anxiety about long bike rides by myself. I guess I am just still so new at the bike that I don’t feel comfortable going longer distances alone. I left right after lunch in the heat of the day, headed out by the prison and over the lake dam. Coming back was brutal into the wind. I had little energy and just was out of it mentally. I crashed as soon as I got home in the playroom floor while hanging out with my kid and fell asleep. No doubt a dietary failure. I am ready to get back on track.

Speaking of dietary failures, I have a serious dietary character flaw. If I know I am buckling down soon (as I am doing tomorrow), I will go crazy on carbs the night before. I did that tonight. Nothing too radical, but had some yogurt pretzels, some crackers, etc. Ugh. What’s wrong with me.

AM: 50 min tempo run
wu: 10:00
30:00 at LT (3.48 mi, HR avg = 157)
cd: 10:00
total distance: 5.56 mi
pace: 9:20 mpm
HR avg = 150

PM: zone 2 bike
distance: 27.63 mi
time: 1:55:11
HR avg: 137

pre-run: a few bites of apple
post-run: coffee w/HWC, goat cheese
breakfast: baked mochi, jelly, maple hummus (homemade)
rest of the day: carbapalooza

swim: 0.17 mi = 5:51
bike: 62.89 mi = 4:26:00
run: 25.64 mi = 4:33:30
strength: 18:00
TOTAL: 88.7 mi = 5:37:47



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