August 30

Today is a much needed rest day. My workout volume has been way down this week, but I am still pretty tired. I ate at the university cafeteria today with my wife (now that we both work here). We actually really like the food there. I ate a TON. The thing was, I didn’t even feel that full afterward. I’m starting to wonder if I am just not consuming enough calories, and that is leading to me feeling pretty drained. I am by no means trying to work at a calorie deficit, so I have no problem upping my intake and seeing where that gets me.

I was elected an honorary guest coach by my university’s football team this week. It’s pretty cool, but I went to the team meal tonight at . . . Golden Corral. All in all I think I did pretty well. Just one plate of food.

rest day

breakfast: coffee, HWC, EVCO
lunch: veggie omelet, a few curly fries (not needed, but delicious), salad (spinach, mushrooms, dressing), medium size piece of pollock (pulled off breading) w/a little tarter sauce, toppings off my wife’s leftover veggie pizza
dinner: Golden Corral – mushrooms, onions/peppers, refried beans, small piece of fish, boiled shrimp, spinach salad w/blue cheese, a few potato wedges
after dinner: jack cheese, coffee w/HWC


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