September 3

In bed at 11:00, up at 5:15. I was out the door at 5:35 for my run. It was a little humid this morning, but otherwise perfect. This is the lowest my HR has ever been on a Z2 run. I ran with a friend, and we really took it slow, which was good. I was still able to keep it under 11 mpm even with a HR in the mid 130’s, so I am excited about that. I felt really good during and after the run. I did the entire thing fasted (not on purpose, I just forgot to take a little EVCO on the way out).

My swim was good, but super crowded. I had to share a lane with 2 others. I am still working on getting good form back. I am ready to go and practice some open water swimming in a couple of weeks.

I made some breakfast “cookies” tonight. Made with nuts and fruit.

AM: 5.91 mi Z2 run
time: 1:03:19
pace: 10:43 mpm
HR avg: 135

PM: swim
wu: 400
8 x 25 ez/fast
8 x 100
(repeat twice)
-75 ez, 25 hard
-50 ez, 50 hard
-25 ez, 75 hard
-100 hard
200 loose
6 x 100 pull
cd: 100
total distance: 2400
total time: 57:43

post-run: coffee w/EVCO, apple with small amount of almond butter
lunch: 2 salmon cakes, sour cream, raw veggies leftover from Jason’s Deli
snack: raw cashews
dinner: roasted veggies (brussles sprouts, asparagus, green beens), veggie omlette
after dinner: a few breakfast “cookies”


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