September 7

Woke up at 6:25. Couldn’t find half of my stuff for my workout because I didn’t prep it last night. Ended up leaving later than I wanted. I had coffee w/EVCO, scoop of UCAN, and a tbsp of almond butter before I left. I packed a water bottle with a Nuun tab and 1.5 scoops of UCAN on the bike. We headed out to run just after 7:15. We really held back on the run. My HR was in the mid 130’s the entire time. We took about 7 minutes to transition to bike (I didn’t mix my UCAN before, which was dumb). Bike ride was good. We didn’t push it. I took a SaltStick and started hitting the UCAN immediately. I did UCAN every 15 minutes, then SaltStick every hour.
Got home and took about 10 minutes to tranistion to second run. That is too long. I need to practice transitions. I ate 7 almonds and a Vega gel before the run. I have decided to probably just use whatever type gel (Hammer I think) they have on the course for the last 5 miles. That way I don’t need to take anything with me. I could physically feel when the gel kicked in.
I knew the second run would be a mental test. It was 5 miles divided into thirds, which each third being faster. The last one was supposed to be redlined. I was successful in speeding up significantly in each one. I took a hand-held bottle with a little UCAN and some Nuun in it on the run, but ditched it on the last lap. I really put the pedal to the floor on the final lap, and surprised myself. I haven’t done this pace in a while. My final pace for the last 5 miles was 8:52 mpm. I felt good afterward, not too drained. GREAT WORKOUT. I am really, really happy with where I am 2 weeks out from my race.

My swim was good. I am still not getting into the rhythm I would like, but my pace was good and very consistent across all of my intervals. I swam almost exactly 1.2 miles (race distance). If taking out the rest periods I swam it in around 38 minutes, and that is with the kick intervals and my slow warmup and cool down. I am happy with that at this point.

Now . . . it’s taper time.


5 mi run: 54:59
HR = 137
pace: 11:00 mpm

T1 = 7:12

bike: 2:20:07
distance: 33.36 mi
HR = 126

T2 = 10:06

5 mi run (3 x 1.66 mi) = 44:18
pace = 8:52 mpm
1) 16:15 (HR= 158)
pace = 9:47 mpm
2) 14:26 (HR = 174)
pace = 8:41 mpm
3) 13:37 (HR = 183)
pace = 8:12 mpm

distance = 43.36
time: 4:16:45
HR = 135

PM: race specific swim
wu: 300
3 x (50, 100, 200, 100, 50 on 15′)
5 x 50 kick
cd: 100
total distance: 2150
total time: 45:49

pre-ride: coffee w/EVCO, scoop of UCAN, tbsp almond butter
during ride: see above
post ride: coffee w/HWC
post-swim: large plate of roasted veggies (brussels sprouts, green beans, asparagus in EVCO), jack, sour cream


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