September 16

WARNING: this post is about my gastrointestinal health. Proceed with caution.

I hate that my race week has started out with multiple trips to the bathroom. It started last night getting ready for bed when I got some serious stomach cramps. I figured I had to go to the bathroom, but that didn’t help. I still was able to fall asleep pretty easily. Around 2 AM I woke up feeling like I was going to die. I sprinted to the bathroom. I thought I was going to have to sleep in there (a habit of mine when I am sick) due to my stomach issues (mostly issues down south, not up north . . . ahem). However, I the cramps ended up going away and I was able to go to sleep. This morning I got up and ran, then shortly after the cramps returned. Ugh. I am not sure what’s going on, but hopefully it will pass soon.

Despite my stomach, my ride went pretty well. Nice and easy.

I was down almost 5 lbs this morning, which is 2 lbs under my goal race weight. A lot of that is due to the middle of the night “occurrence” explained above. Gross. I was pretty whipped during the afternoon, but maybe a combo of the weekend, not feeling well, etc. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

My HR monitor is starting to mess up every now and then. Not great timing.

AM: Z2 run
time: 20:32
distance: 2 mi
pace: 10:16 mpm
HR avg: 141

AM: 40 min Z2 bike
distance: 9.92 mi
HR avg: 127

post-run: coffee
pre-ride: almond butter, strawberries
post-ride/lunch: almond milk, HWC, avocado, hemp hearts, greens (chard, arugula, spinach), protein powder, creatine, chia seeds, frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, unsweetened chocolate/cocoa
snack: roasted green beans (in EVCO), sour cream
dinner: spaghetti squash, homemade marinara, jack, mixed green salad, EVOO and balsamic
after dinner: mixed nuts (cashews, almonds), chia seeds, hemp hearts, blueberries, HWC, almond milk


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