September 30

I stayed up way too late last night watching Breaking Bad, and didn’t sleep well. We had students over and I drank some coffee and just wasn’t tired. I was in a funk all morning. I was just really irritable and in a bad mood. I think a lot of it had to do with the amount of sugars and grains I have had over the last few days. Nothing too over the top, just more than I am used to. I really wanted some candy this afternoon, but opted to run instead. I figured the endorphins would clear up my head, and I was right. I ran slow, and didn’t use a watch or HR monitor, just took my phone with some music to listen to.

I have been working with my friend to develop some strength training stuff for me to do for the next few weeks, and will start that tomorrow by identifying some of my max weight reps at the gym. I did some yoga and meditation this morning, which was enjoyable.

We decided to do breakfast for dinner, and I had some buckwheat pancakes, then some blue corn chips while watching the Rangers lose. I will eventually get my act together diet wise this week.

AM: yoga/meditation

PM: 3.85 mi run
time: 41:30

breakfast: coffee w/HWC, chickpea “cookies”
lunch: veggie bean soup, greek yogurt, avocado, bean chips
dinner: buckwheat waffles, maple syrup
after dinner: blue corn chips


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