December 2

Woke up and had some oil and coffee to hold me until I could make my first smoothie. I had intended to go into the office until around 11, go run, then come home and make another one while I put up my Christmas tree, but I ended up having an unexpected meeting at 1:30. My wife didn’t drink all of her smoothie this morning (I made a double), so I ran over to her office and drank hers to hold me until I got home.

Around noon I got a headache, so I had some chai tea. No matter how much I try, I am just not a fan of tea.

Did a very slow run this afternoon. I felt good . . . lots of energy. My quads and hip flexors were pretty tight after so I did some stretching.

I made a savory smoothie (some might call that a soup) for dinner. It was awesome.

10:00 walking warm-up
40:00 z2 fun (HR = 145)
10:00 cool-down
total distance: 4.25 mi


6:45 AM: coffee w/EVCO (.75 tbsp)
8:45 AM: coconut milk, almond milk, yogurt, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach, pear, raspberries, cashews
1:00 PM: Chia tea
4:45 PM: almond milk, pumpkin, 1/4 banana
6:00 PM: tomato, red bell pepper, spinach, coconut milk, avocado, onion, cayenne pepper, sea salt, almond butter, lime, EVOO, garlic
9:30 PM: decaf w/HWC


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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