December 31

I am doughy. My inactivity and lax diet have translated into me getting soft. That makes me excited to think about racing and my goals for 2014 though.

I will kick off the year with going from January 2 – 29 with zero sugar and grain. I am traveling to Vegas on 1/29, so realistically I will have some then, but otherwise I will be hard-core until then. The only exception will be the occasional IPA that I have that I made myself. I am traveling a lot this semester, so I need to be dialed in when I am home.

I am recovering well from my surgery. Workout wise I am restricted from lifting over 10 lbs until the end of January. I am only allowed easy walking for 2 more weeks, so that is what I will do. I plan to hit the elliptical, and maybe the pool until I can get back into the gym. Toward the end of January I hope to renew my membership to the bike club, getting me a key into the trails where I can do some trail running. Once allowed back into the gym, I will continue with my heavy lifting rotation and add in some more cross-fit type workouts 2-3 times per week. I will ramp up some longer runs to prepare for the half-marathon, then go into more traditional swim/bike/run training as the olympic triathlons get closer.

I am also preparing for the birth of my two daughters in April/May. This will be the biggest factor in my race planning for the year. Realistically I know I won’t be able to race a schedule as full as last year. My schedule will be different, focusing on more running events than 2013 as well. Here is my tentative plan. I will finalize this in the next few days/weeks.
Color run (February with my 7 year old)
Half-Marathon (March or early April)
King Tut Sprint Tri (April)
Hammer Down Du (early May – this may be the weekend after the birth of my girls . . . we’ll see how this goes)
Olympic Tri (Either the Easy Rider in Lubbock or Disco in Dallas in late June)
Trifecta Triathlon (Olympic in Possum Kingdom in September) – this will be my A race
Capital to Coast relay (223 mile, 12 person relay from Austin to Corpus Christi in October)
Full Marathon (November or December)

The details still need to be worked out, but this is hopefully


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