March 4

I really prefer running in the mornings. I love winter and cold weather, but I am ready for it to start being above freezing in the mornings so I can run. Running in the afternoons/after work is always challenging for me. My HR always seems to be higher, energy lower, etc. Same thing today. The wind didn’t help. I was just really slow.

After my run I started really noticing some pain in my left hip, hip-flexor, and just my right left side in general. I am pretty positive it is just sore from my core routine yesterday, but I may drop my core work tomorrow and tabata just to be sure. Honestly, I was going to drop my tabata anyway because of how exhausted I am this week. There’s no need to overdo things this early on.

I ate at Jason’s tonight and wanted 1/2 a sandwich. I forgot to order gluten free bread. Dangit.

I was super swollen/bloated today. Probably won’t improve much tomorrow since I ate some peanuts and cajun mix at Jason’s. For the record, I know WHY I am bloated, I just need to buckle down and make an effort to get that taken care of.

4.24 mi z2 run
time: 49:58
pace: 11:47 mpm
avg HR: 148

breakfast: coffee w/EVCO
lunch: salad – spinach, zucchini, onion, peppers, sunflower seeds, olives, 2 boiled eggs, a little ranch
pre-run: herbal tea
dinner: 1/2 salmonwhich, cup of veggie soup, blue corn chips, guac, a few bites of my wife’s potato


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