March 8

Fell asleep last night with my boys around 11:30, up at 7:20. I thought my quads would be dead today, but they’re good. It’s my tail and hamstrings that are really hurting.

It was perfect running weather, 55 degrees and overcast. I had a great run. I really felt good and wanted to push the pace, so I had some trouble getting my HR below 150 a lot of the last few miles. I ended up (according to RunKeeper) doing my biggest elevation climb in a run, which is hard to believe given my hundreds of runs over the past few years. Either way, I felt really good this morning. My HR monitor is continuing to give me trouble. Eventually I will stop griping about it and send it in.

I spent a good part of the afternoon chilling in the hot tub while it was 45 degrees outside. Awesome.

We had a great dinner with some friends tonight that we don’t get to see very much. I indulged, and enjoyed it. The restaurant serves all local (they have a garden in the back) foods, but that doesn’t mean it was healthy . . . just delicious.

6.08 mi z2 run
time: 1:07:00
avg HR: 145

pre-run: coffee w/HWC
post-run: coconut water, 1 pancake (leftover from kids’ breakfast) w/cream cheese
lunch (work meeting at Central Market): 1 sushi roll, sauteed kale, green beens w/almonds, stuffed olives
dinner: grilled shishito peppers, IPA, quinoa/edamame/ mushroom burger, fries, chocolate cake
after dinner: dark chocolate w/almonds


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