March 15

I fell asleep in the living room about 11, moved to bed around 1. Up around 9:50. Good night’s sleep.

My hamstrings are a little sore this morning, but felt good otherwise. It began to ran as soon as I started to run, so I left my headphones and phone at home. Since my HR monitor is in the mail, I just ran in a watch and ran based on feel. I wanted to negative split my run, so I ran about 11-12 minute miles for the first 2, then sped up each additional one after that until my last mile. That one gassed me a little. I took my HR after the first 2 miles and was sitting around 148, so I think I jumped up into zone 3-4 for the remainder. Most of the last half I was in the pouring rain. It felt great.

I still have a headache today. I assume from the blowing dirt and junk in the air. My wife has one too.

7.56 mi run
time: 1:16:55

pre-run: coffee w/HWC
post-run: 2 bites of sushi rice, “Shamrock” smoothie (same as yesterday, but did 3 times as much spinach. added 1/4 scoop protein, decreased the HWC, and used coconut milk instead of almond milk)
afternoon: herbal tea, a few handfulls of popcorn (popped on stove w/EVCO)
dinner: lentil sloppy joe (no bread), spinach salad w/stoneground mustard, homemade sweet potato fries
before bed: 2 x CS


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