April 2

Fell asleep at 11:50, up at 7:05.

Wow, my arm hurts where I got that stupid shot. I could hardly move it when I woke up this morning. The rest of my upper body is pretty shot from yesterday’s workout.

My run this morning was good. It was longer than I’ve gone on a mid-week run in a long time. I jacked with my HR monitor long enough this morning to get it working, so I wore it (they are still sending me another replacement). I ended up having to walk several times to get my HR down into zone 2. It was really humid too, that didn’t help the heart rate. Either way, I felt good during the run.

I have been eating a ton of work meals lately. The main thing I need to start avoiding is the ranch. I love ranch, that’s no secret. I am usually choosing it because the other option is a sugary vinaigrette. I need to work on a solution.

7.05 mi z2 run
time: 1:25:45

breakfast: black coffee, yogurt w/blueberries, blackberries, walnuts
lunch: (catered work lunch): white rice, button mushrooms, large salad w/some cheese and ranch
dinner: vegetable pasta, homemade marinara, italian cheese
before bed: vegan apple/sage sausage, vegan chili, carob raisins


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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