April 14

In bed last night around 12:30, up at 7:00.

I had another good strength workout today. I was going to run, but the 30 mph winds and 40 degree weather changed my mind.

We had a baby shower with my work people tonight where they provided dinner. I ate a ton.

I am starting to make some plans for the summer training. Right now I am not losing a ton of weight. With all of the strength training though, I am for sure noticing some strength gains and some definition returning, primarily in the chest and shoulders. That was my main goal for the spring (to build muscle). I have been consuming far too many animal products (dairy for the most part). I will finish up with the 90 day lifting program at the end of May. I will then dedicate June to preparing for my Olympic tri. The remainder of the summer will be spent cutting the excess fat, not focusing as much on muscle building. I hope to do a lot of aerobic base training, and building up miles for my fall races. I plan to do an almost exclusively plant-based (vegan) diet, with very little wheat and no sugar. Those are my tentative plans.

strength: chest, shoulders, triceps
time: 55:00

breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1/3 sweet potato
post-workout: smoothie – coconut milk, yogurt, almond milk, banana, unsweetened chocolate, romaine, protein powder, creatine
mid-afternoon: raw string cheese
dinner: grilled veggies, fruit salad, green beans, rice, rolls, a few thumbprint cookies


About super Stevo

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  1. Mark says:

    Muscle building will help a lot with fat burning!!! Don’t stop lifting weights!!

  2. super Stevo says:

    For sure. I’m not stopping weight training at all . . . I will either keep doing what I am doing or shift more toward CFE. We’ll see. My main goal is to train slow as to not lose any of the mass I am building now. That’s why I will not coniseder another 70.3 for at least another year. Sure I lost weight doing that, but realistically I that was muscle as well as fat. My goal is to not lose that muscle this summer. I hope to do that by keep lifting and z2 training.

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