May 19

In bed for good around 1:30, up at 6:30. Exhausted.

I weighed one of the girls, which required me to get onto the scale this morning. I am not pleased with what I saw. Ugh. I am definitely in a rut. I talked to my friend that is going to train me and he challenged my thinking a little bit on racing. He thinks my race schedule is impacting my plateau. I have some choices to make about my goals, which may mean looking closely at my last few races (after the Trifecta tri) this year. I need to monitor my training for this race as I will be doing it on little sleep. I need to make sure I am not overdoing it and going backward.

More to come on that.

I have been pulling back on the dairy, specifically the cheese I have been eating the last few days. This week I will make a concerted effort to not eat late at night. That has become something I have been doing a lot of lately which could be impacting me more significantly than I’d like to believe.

I had very low energy today.

strength: arms/shoulders/chest
total time: 30:00

breakfast: coffee w/EVCO
mid-morning: smoothie – banana, almond butter, almond milk, spinach
lunch: zucchini and squash noodles (spiralized), pad thai sauce (almond milk, almond butter, ginger, rice vinegar, red curry paste)
dinner: veggie quasadillas (someone brought us dinner), spanish rice, fruit salad, I licked the ice cream scoop after spooning it out for my kids


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