June 2

I am not sure what to call this training plan, but it will involve lots of strength training, and maintaining a level of fitness to enjoy running 2 sprint triathlons until I begin training for my Olympic tri in mid-September (I will begin training in about 6-7 weeks).

Today’s workout was good. I can’t tell if I will be sore tomorrow or not, but I assume I will. Things I learned today in this way of training:

  • My back needs lots of work from a strength and mobility standpoint.
  • My shoulders need to be bulked up significantly. The bruises on my collarbone after my shoulder press are proof of that.
  • It’s always more fun to train with someone else.


10′ warmup
sets of 3 with bar, then 10’s

band pullaparts
depth pushups
DB row
bent BB row
eccentric hand stand pushups
mobility and stretching

breakfast: black coffee, smoothie – coconut milk, apple, berries, romaine, chia seeds
lunch: portabella  cap cooked in EVOO, provolone, raw red bell pepper, hummus (homemade)
post-workout: almond milk, protein powder, creatine
dinner: large salad from McAllister’s, black bean chips



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