August 18

I’m back, baby. This summer was tough, with the twins, work, traveling, etc. I did no make this blog a priority. But, I am back now.

I am picking back up where I left off with my strength training.

In bed last night at 10:45 (up a couple of times with the girls, less than 5 minutes each), up at 5:35.

Food this week will be a little interesting since I am at work meetings all day. When people order things specifically for me when providing lunch I feel the need to eat it.

3 x 5 shoulder press
3 x 10 band pull-aparts
3 x max rep push up on 60′ rest (4 count down, 1 up) – 12, 10, 7
3 x max rep pull-up – 8, 6, 3
3 x 10 lateral raises
10″ mobility

post-workout: water w/protein powder
breakfast (provided at meeting): egg/potato breakfast burrito, salsa, fruit (berries, melon, pineapple)
lunch: baked beans, potato salad
snack: slice of cheese, kambucha
dinner: rice noodles, cream/lemon sauce, green salad w/homemade avocado dressing, wilted spinach
after dinner: white bean chips, salsa


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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