July 6

Well, needless to say this summer’s training has not gone as planned. My mouth issues have been worse and more complicated than we initially anticipated. I am still not healed, and will have to go back in for more reparation surgery. This, along with 2 weeks out of the country has kept me from any meaningful training. The 2 weeks were incredible, and I wouldn’t take them back. I have elected (for now) to delay additional surgery until after I have the chance to train and race at least one race. The initial olympic distance I had on my schedule is not going to pan out, so I am aiming at the Stonebridge Ranch Tri to be my “A” race this year. That is at the end of September, giving me 12 weeks to train.
I may do 1-2 sprint tris to warm up to the race. I have also all but ruled out the Dallas Marathon. My surgery would make that very hard to train for. I may opt for the 13.1 instead on that day.

So, that said, I am starting my training over today. The same plan is in place, same nutritional strategy, etc. I was able to get into the pool last week for an easy 1100 yd swim, and felt pretty good. I will aim to miss no workouts, and really buckle down, even while I am traveling for 3 weeks this month teaching a course in Dallas. I will be staying with family, have access to a gym, pool, my bike, etc. So, hopefully I will make that work. I need to make that work.

Sleep wise, I am getting a little more consistent sleep, still having to wake up 1-2 times in the night for the girls, but not too bad.

So that is where I am. Due to my European excursion and the 4th of July, I have puffed up to a hefty 206.6 this morning, but I would expect to lose 4-6 lbs of that this week in excess water weight. We shall see.


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