July 17

I had a great visit with the doctor today. He said I am healed and don’t need any additional surgery to fix the hole in my mouth/sinuses. Although I don’t feel completely healed, I trust his opinion and the tests he did showed there to be healing. Great news.

I had a good swim right after the visit with the surgeon. I have been swimming with a friend, which helps a lot. This is the furthest I have swam since my 70.3 almost 2 years ago. Diet is still not dialed in. We ate at restaurants twice today before we had a chance to go to the grocery store.

swim: speed intervals
WU: 200
6 x 50 builds on 30” rest (each on faster)
4 (4 x 50)
#1 = 20” rest
#2 = 15”
#3 = 10”
#4 = 5”
100 easy
6 x 50 on 20” rest (easy 25, 25 sprint)
CD: 100
Total distance: 1800
time: 45:05

breakfast: black coffee, oatmeal w/butter, maple syrup
lunch: large baked potato, pumpernickel (Jason’s Deli)
dinner: veggie stack from Mo’s


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