January 20

I was ready to do some intervals. I don’t mind the Z2 runs, but a change is nice.

The intervals hurt. I tried to push myself to threshold. My first 3 were in the low 7:00 pace, 4th in the low 8, then drifted past 9 in my final one. My HR was around 170 at the end of most, recovering to about 145 between. At the end my HR hit 190.

I need to add some more greens in over the next few days.

interval run
wu: 10
5 x 2 min threshold, 1 min recover
cd: 5

breakfast: oats (pre-run), black coffee
lunch: baked potato w/sour cream, butter, cheese
dinner: GF vegan cashew lasagna rolls (homemade), a few carob almonds


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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