February 4

I have mentioned a few times that this has been a stressful week. While that has been a mixture of things, the majority of it has been that some friends of ours have a son with leukemia. He is close to my oldest son in age and they are friends. This morning at 5 they texted to let us know he passed away. This pretty much wrecked the day. I got up to workout, but food and everything else was different because of the day’s events. It is a very sad time.

Thrive weight circuit

breakfast: black coffee, oats w/berries, butter, honey, almond butter
lunch: none – small bowl of mac n’ cheese to test (wife made it for our friends)
snack: popcorn, bean chips
dinner: grilled shrimp salad, avocado ranch, a few chips and queso, pbr


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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