February 6

sleep: 7:26

Up early to run. It may have been the coldest run of my life. There are some runs that are made better by the cool air. This was not one of them. Had to keep balling my hands up in my gloves to keep them from hurting from the cold. Couldn’t really bend them for about 30 minutes after. Still though, it’s my longest run since my last half-marathon almost 2 years ago. It feels great to be running long again. I told my wife I love the way I feel after running long in the mornings. It’s a good tired. Saying that, I felt great the rest of the day.

The run itself, besides the cold, was good. I never pushed the pace. Never had too much trouble keeping my HR out of the top of Z2. I was still able to keep the pace around 12 mpm. My legs got pretty heavy the last 15 minutes or so, but I still have 9 weeks to work through this and add some distance. Happy with today.

Still kind of an emotional wreck about our friends. Need to focus my diet despite this.

long run:
wu: 10 walk
40 min Z2 run (3.29 mi, HR avg: 137)
5 min walk
40 min z2 run (3.37 mi, HR avg: 140)
total distance: 7.3 mi

pre-run: coffee w/EVCO, 1/3 scoop UCAN in water
post-run: white rice w/HWC, honey
lunch: leftover salmon and asparagus
snack: some waffle fries
dinner: large salad from Jason’s w/ranch (gotta get the store ranch outta the diet)


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