February 16

sleep: 8:52 (but not really)

Exhausted this morning. I am sleeping on the couch due to my wife’s flu. I fell asleep rocking the girls from about 9:15 – 12:15, then again from about 2:15 – 4:30. Ugh, rough night.

Despite the sleep, my workout was really good. I’m on the final week of my 6 week Thrive fitness cycle. This week is another max strength (heavy) week, and it felt really good. I will take next week off from weights since it’s a run-intensive week.

Thrive max strength

breakfast: black coffee, banana
lunch: okra gumbo, cooked mustard greens
snack: black coffee, Larabar, veggie straws
dinner: baked potato w/butter, cheese, cole slaw (homemade)


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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