February 20

sleep: 7:19 (awake for about an hour of that in the night)

I was dragging this morning, not really wanting to do a long run. Either way, it turned out to be a great run. Perfect weather, felt good the whole time. I really didn’t push it much on the first 50 minutes, which resulted in a VERY slow pace (it didn’t feel that slow).

I was pretty drained for the rest of the day, but still felt good.

My diet has not been good. I am allowing my volume of training to justify bad food choices (i.e. too much ranch dressing). I need to buckle down.

long run
wu: 10
50 in Z2
walk 5
50 in Z2
cd: 5
total distance (not including wu or cd): 8.52 mi
HR avg: 139

pre-run: coffee w/EVCO, water & 2 oz apple juice w/half scoop of UCAN
post-run: black coffee, banana pancakes (banana and eggs)
lunch: white bean chips, veggie chips, guacamole
dinner: baked potato from Jason’s, toast and croutons, a few bites of french onion soup


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