February 29

sleep: 7:32

My training is officially half over. Today I start in on the final 8 weeks of this long, gradual program. Overall I feel good so far. I am pretty happy with my progress. I am ready to be back in the gym this week doing some weight training.

A few things I will change up. I am going to be adding in a quick (12 min) VO2 max session at the beginning of one of my gym workouts once per week. I will also start to look at how to alter my next run-heavy week as I will be in Vegas. I will probably do it the week early.

My weight is identical this week to the last 2 weeks, which I will take. Time to buckle down and get in the best race shape I can now. 8 weeks.

I have decided to raise money for this race to donate to a local foundation in honor of my friends’ son. So there is extra motivation to do as well as I can for this race.

45 min steady/Z3 run
distance: 4.55 mi
HR avg: 157

breakfast: oats w/honey, HWC, black coffee
lunch: baked potato w/bbq jackfruit, cheese
dinner: baked ziti, huge mixed salad w/homemade balsamic dressing
after dinner: strawberries


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