March 2

sleep: 6:26
HRV: 95

I was in a funk most of today. Probably due to going to bed late, terrible diet yesterday, etc. My run ended up being ok. I didn’t push it as hard since I will be adding a VO2 max session in on Friday morning. The bottom of my left foot is hurting a little my last 2 runs. If it continues I may need to go ahead and get some more structured running shoes (1 mm drop); probably some more Kinvaras. They have done me well in the past for a minimal shoe.

Personally, I am finding that this training is accompanied by the largest amount of stress I can ever remember having while training for a race. Probably the kids plus some work stuff and a few other things. Possibly why the weight cut has slowed a little the past few weeks.

My legs are pretty sore from the gym yesterday.

interval run
wu: 10
4 x 4 min threshold, 90 sec recover
cd: 5

pre-run: coffee w/EVCO (not sure why, just felt like it this morning)
lunch: black bean chili w/avocado
dinner: salad bar from Jason’s w/blue cheese, a few pieces of pineapple


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