April 9

Well, I have not posted lately partly due to travel, but mostly due to something extremely frustrating. The organizers from the half-marathon I am training for called me last week to let me know the 13.1 has been cancelled due to construction on the route. I feel this is a premature and knee-jerk decision on their part, but what I feel doesn’t matter. Training has gone very well lately and I was very excited to do this race. This is the third race in a row cancelled for me due to various reasons. Oh well, it’s how things are.

I have checked and there are no other comparable races (running or triathlon) that can take this races place in the near future. So, that leaves me a bit lost. I am in shape to keep training, but nothing to train for before mid-late summer. I may run a 10k next week, and will run the 5k on the planned 13.1 day, but still . . .

I have taken this week off to get lazy and eat whatever. Monday morning I will return to the gym with harder weight workouts 2-3 times per week (going back to Simply Human plans), and include 3-4 endurance workouts (run/bike/swim). I am going to officially start to get into triathlon shape in hopes a race “pops” up sooner than later.


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