May 22

Here we are again. Let’s hope this pans out. I just registered for the San Angelo Triathlon on August 14. It’s an olympic distance, so now I’m invested. I start training tomorrow, and am READY.

Since my 13.1 was cancelled, I have been a little loose with the workout out and diet. That changed now. I am 100% dedicated. My only challenges will be the significant amount of traveling I will do between now and then.

I have selected a 16 week training program developed by Garmin. It is a heart-rate based training program lasting 12 weeks. It will focus on around 4-5 endurance workouts per week. I will add in 2 gym days, focusing on the protocol of heavy lifts increasing weight/decreasing reps each week (press, squat, bench, dead) and add in core work and other workouts those days. I will do the least amount of swimming, instead using some of those workouts to strengthen running due to the difficulty of the running course of this race.

Nutritionally I will focus mainly on plants, limited grains and sugars. I will be almost exclusively vegan, with exceptions for occasional fish, cream, and butter. Back to basics, nothing crazy. Real food. I will not focus on fat adaptation for a race of this distance.


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