May 23

First day went well. The gym was tough, but overall good. My legs were pretty toasty at the end, which should translate into a painful beginning of my bike ride in the morning.

Food wise I was good. Not as close to vegan as I wanted today, but only because we had some left over salmon that needed to be eaten. I believe in plant-based, but I also believe in not wasting food.

20 min easy run
10 x 3 press @ 60% 1rm (55 lbs)
10 x 3 squat @ 60% of 1rm (65 lbs)
core work

breakfast: black coffee, Lara bar
lunch: salmon, large green salad, cup white rice w/liquid aminos
dinner: large salad – romaine, tomato, onion, white rice, refried pintos, avocado, scoop sour cream, homemade ranch


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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