13.1 training: week 12, day 5

March 25

I’m back from Vegas. I ran Monday, but my diet left a little to be desired. Vegas food is great though. I had every intention of lifting yesterday, but I slept through my alarm (haven’t done that in a long time).

I had a great run this morning. It was supposed to be a 60 min steady run, but I treated it like a negative split run. I did the first 30 min around 10:30 mpm, then did the last 30 at whatever pace I could keep. I ended up holding a pace in the low 9 minutes. Pretty happy with that.

60 min negative split run
first 30: 10: 10:26 mpm
last 30: 9:10 mom
total distance: 6.15 mi
total pace: 9:46 mpm

pre-run: sourdough toast w/peanut butter/honey, black coffee
lunch: chips/salsa, cheese enchiladas, beans, rice, 2 mini-sopapillas
snack: veggie chips
dinner: baked potato, salad w/homemade dressing
after dinner: dairy-free yogurt
snack: kombucha, GORP trail mix


13.1 training: week 11, day 6

March 19

Well, in a year of odd injuries and health issues, the list grows. I impaled my foot on a needle in the carpet yesterday (thanks to one of my girls for somehow finding it and dropping it). When I woke up in the middle of the night to go get a crying baby, I could hardly walk. It’s like the site where you get a shot, only 10 times worse. Needless to say, I didn’t do my run today, which is VERY frustrating. I will do it next Saturday, and replace Thursday’s easy run with the 60 min steady run I was supposed to do Saturday.

I will not update the next few days while in Vegas, but do plan on running at least once there.

none – injured

breakfast: white rice w/butter, honey, black coffee
lunch: potato soup
dinner: homemade blue corn nachos
snack: chips, a few yogurt pretzals

13.1 training: week 11, day 5

March 18

Good gym workout this morning.

Thrive max weight

breakfast: black coffee, oats
lunch: breakfast burritos
dinner: potato soup, flatbread

13.1 training: week 11, day 4

March 17

Good workout today, heavy feels good. Had a filling done this morning, kinda killed my day.

We still have some grassfed beef (which we paid a lot for) in our freezer. So we cooked out steaks tonight. May be the last time for a while.

Thrive max weight

breakfast: a few bites of oats, black coffee
lunch: spaghetti
snack: bean chips
dinner: steak, baked potato w/sour cream, butter, cheese, asparagus

13. training: week 11, day 3

March 16

Good intervals today, I’m not (might not ever will be able) to push to threshold for 6 minutes, but got into high Z3 at least on each one.

I went to the movie with my middle kid today, snuck in some snacks from Natural Grocers.

wu: 10
intervals: 4 x 6min w/2 min recover
cd: 7 min

breakfast: oats, black coffee
lunch: rice, beans, hummus
snacks (at movie): sour worms, yogurt pretzals
dinner: vegan artichoke/balsamic pizza (no cheese)

13.1 training: week 11, day 2

March 15

My diet is really suffering. I am being way too lax on easy, processed carbs. I say it every day, but this is 100% up to me to buckle down. I just love chips.

My Z2 run today was faster than any other Z2 run in this training cycle. Good stuff. This is a heavy strength week and the only week in this training cycle with 5 runs.

30 min Z2 run
distance: 2.64 mi
HR avg: 141

Thrive max strength (immediately after run)

breakfast: oats w/tsp coconut sugar, butter
lunch: veggies, hummus, leftover pasta
snack: bean chips
dinner: spaghetti, large salad w/homemade dressing
snack: popcorn, potato chips

13.1 training: week 11, day 1

March 14

Spring break week . . . good times. Cleaned house most of the day, took the kids to the playground, etc.

I am down .2 lbs this week. Definitely at a plateau with this food intake. Too many chips and easy carbs. I need to watch that.

45 min fartlek run w/twins (jogging stroller)

breakfast: black coffee, ancient grains sprouted cereal, walnut milk
lunch: black bean burger, black bean chips
snack: organic cheddar popcorn
dinner: rice, beans, avocado, tomato, romaine, peppers, hummus
after dinner: decaf coffee

13.1 training: week 10, day 7

Rest day

13.1 training: week 10, day 6

March 11

My long run today was tough. Not for any other reason than my legs just got really tired. HR stayed pretty close to top of Z2 for last hour.
I was exhausted for a good part of the day after the run.

wu: 10
60 min Z2
10 min walk
60 min Z2
cd: 10
total distance (not including wu or cd) 10.75 mi

pre-run: black coffee, sprouted toast w/PB and honey
post-run: gf pasta, leftover quinoa and veggies, guacamole, sour cream
dinner: black bean burger on gf bun, oven fries

13.1 training: week 10, day 5

March 10

I ran some fairly easy intervals today in my new shoes on the track. They felt really good. We will see how tomorrow goes on the long run.

wu: 10
interval run: 5 x 4min w/90 second recover
cd: 5

breakfast: oats w/honey, HWC
lunch: leftover veggie stir fry
dinner: cheese pizza